SSK Solutions Inc.

Specialized in  Accounting, Bookkeeping & Medical Billing   for Healthcare Professionals and Business Owners

We are a Redmond, WA based HIPAA compliant medical billing & bookkeeping firm, with professionally trained staffers using cutting edge technology to file your claims in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We have the expertise in technology and the application of it in the medical billing area. We understand the importance of cash-flow in a health care provider’s business. We are committed to meet and exceed client expectations.

Our services are ideal for practices or doctors who are looking to save! We’ve eliminated the red delays and the errors in claims processing. We have hands down the best solutions for your practice. Start saving now!

SSK Solutions was founded by industry professional with decades of experience in software development. As volume of your claims goes up your cost will reduce further.

When you out source your work to SSK solutions we become your partner. Our success depends on your success. We are committed to your success.

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